Thermal cutting (laser - plasma - oxy-fuel)

Metal cutting technologies based on different operating principles. Laser cutting uses a very intense beam of light to cut the material, the plasma creates an arc between the electrode and the treated piece creating a flow of plasma at temperatures even over 20,000°C. Oxyfuel, on the other hand, uses an acetylene flame and a jet of pure oxygen.

The filtration of these processes must therefore take into account the following specific parameters:

  • air with greasy/oily fumes, chemical compounds created by residues of degreasers, lubricants and paints melted at high temperatures
  • dust with rather fine (laser) or medium (plasma/oxy-cut) particle size
  • retained impurities that are irritating (ozone, hydrocarbons, phosgene), toxic and carcinogenic (e.g. lead, cadmium, fluorides, nickel)
  • risk of fire